The Sea Blade Hull

Patented Hull Design

The Sea Blade hull truly is different than any other hull on the market. We invite you to take a test drive and compare the Sea Blade’s smooth ride to similar sized boats. You’ll feel the boat’s unparalleled performance through any type of sea.

We developed the hull in Hawaii where some of the world’s biggest seas have historically caused injury and debilitation in Naval operators. In scientific studies with Hawaiian law enforcement, the Sea Blade’s extra-deep-V and stabilizing stepped hull reduced the stress on the bodies of these boat operators.

Each section of the hull is carefully designed to outperform other standard deep-vee hulls. The Sea Blade’s stepped hull pierces through waves while the entrapment tunnels maintain its stability. Spray rails near the bow keep you and your crew dry in rough seas. No other boat matches the Sea Blade’s performance in rough waters.

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