Sea Blade 30 Specifications

Every Sea Blade 30 is built to order. Customize your boat with the electronics, storage, and seating options that fit your lifestyle.

Max Speed: +35 knots

Cruise Speed: 18 knots

 LOA (with engine): 32′ 6″

LOA (as molded, no engine): 30′ 1″

Beam: 9′ 0″

Draft (with engines): 3′ 4″

Displacement (lightship): 8,120 lb

Displacement (full load): 13,500 lb

Max Horsepower Capacity: 700 HP

Fuel Capacity: 212 gal

Water Capacity: 34 gal

Construction: E-glass infused with vinylester resin

Versatile Performer: Sea Blade 30

The patented Sea Blade hull design is scientifically proven to decrease hull slamming forces in rough water by up to 40% over conventional deep-vee planning hulls. The Sea Blade hull is a re-engineered deep-vee — a deeper, stepped hull that better penetrates waves and reduces stress on passengers. 

The Sea Blade 30 is a versatile vessel built on the high-performing rough-water hull. Big enough to take home top tournament prizes and efficient enough to explore the outer islands, the 30-foot model is ready for any action. Extend the transom with a Waterman Unlimited sled, which provides a safe transition for swimmers climbing in and out of water. The extended transom turns the Sea Blade 30 into the perfect powerboat for diving, watersports, family fun, and lounging. 

Choose a one- or two-outboard configuration. The Sea Blade 30 is equipped standard with Honda outboards. If you want to explore other power options, we can engineer your Sea Blade to meet your needs.

The Sea Blade Hullform 

The Sea Blade hull was invented by Hull Scientific Research, LLC, a world-leader in designing and analyzing hull forms. Their expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used in military, industry and academic applications globally. Through a study of self-reported injuries among Navy Seal and Special Command boat operators, Hull Scientific Research identified the failure points in the deep-vee hull that cause bodily harm through slamming-wave impact. They re-invented the deep-vee to be a deeper, stepped hull that better penetrates waves and reduces stress on passengers. That redesigned hull is now known as the Sea Blade hull.

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